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Input file formats

AnyVideo Converter HD is fully compatible with several kind of video file

.avi     .mov     .wmv     .flv     .m4v     .mts     .mkv     .mpeg     .mpg     .mpe     .mp4     .aaf     .asf     .ogg     .DivX     .XviD     .rm     .rmv     .ogm     .ogv     .dv     .ts     .3gp     and more..

Quicktime - divx - xvid - windows media video - Mpeg 4 - Real - Vorbis - FLV - Matroska


Input files not allowed

This application does not convert:

.vob files
.m4v files with DRM, as required by law for copyright protection
.wmv using MS PhotoStory and GoMeeting codecs


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